“Since I am an immigrant, everything has changed. Don’t you agree? I bet you feel it too! We need to invest a lot on the simplest needs and skills in our life. Imagine! The skills that had already gained long ago in our home country, like speaking the language and communication. Even Language becomes a barrier for an immigrant. You know, I hate to say this but we compromise on many desires which motivated us to consider migration. For a migrant, the freedom of his dream world is exchanged for the stress of survival and for some of us, all artistic motivations are left as dreams forever.”  This was the conversation we had when we first started our drama group.

Charsoo Art Group Incorporated is a non-profit organization (NPO) founded by a group of Iranian migrants in Sydney with various backgrounds and professions, to show their passion for theatre, share their experience as migrants through theatre and indeed to create, empower and grow. We are dedicated to producing quality performances from Persian as well as international playwrights. 


Charsoo Theatre is here to provide a diverse cultural experience for Australians and immigrants both for members of the team and for audiences. Charsoo Theatre is not only for people with diversity who love to have a unique experience of a performance in their mother tongue in Sydney but also it is for Australians who are passionate about different cultures. The unique experience which is rarely available to the majority of the Australians.


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